Jan 252012
Design for kids room with closet door painted like English telephone booth

Turn a closet door into a telephone booth. What an impact this focal-point has! Definitely not your average kids room closet door.


DOOR…. A hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a room….

No where in the definition of a door does it say a door has to be humdrum…..and these are not your average kids’ room closet doors.

Just a little whimsical eye candy to brighten the middle of the week. I think my favorite has to be the telephone booth. What’s your favorite?

Kids room design for closet doors painted like dresser with curtains

Closet doors are painted to resemble a large wardrobe or armoire complete with knobs and curtains.

design for kids room organized closet with fabric panels in the door

Bi-fold door sports patterned fabric behind the glass. Love the organization of this kid's closet, especially the window seat.

Sliding closet door with white board for kids room design

Cover the sliding doors with white board....and leave a few messages for your kids, like "clean your room" and "go to sleep", and maybe a few hugs too.

Sliding closet door like barn door for kids room design

Use a giant sliding door for the closet that covers the whole wall in a playroom.....or reduce to kid size for a bedroom.

Closet door storage racks for kids room design

Storage racks mounted inside on the closet door use oft times wasted space to store toys, books, and more kidstuff.

Closet door fabric curtain for teenager room ideas

Hang a floor length curtain, tie back, and cover the doorframe top with a cornice for a soft feminine treatment instead of a hard edge door.

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