Dec 022011

Design room for kids with Kids room lighting

Most often when decorating a child’s room, lighting is ignored until the last moment, then a few juvenile themed lamps are chosen to complement the décor when you realize the overhead fixture is the only light source. Properly lighting a room is vitally important and kids’ rooms are no exception.

Good lighting can make a room and bad lighting does just the opposite, frustrating even simple tasks….including dressing and grooming, doing homework, or reading. A properly lighted room makes feeding, changing, or rocking a fussy baby much easier, as is getting them to sleep.

Want to know how to properly light a kid’s room, nursery or reading area? The Kids’ Room Lighting Series will cover these topics:

Properly Lighting a Kid’s Room – Part 1  – Follow these guidelines for the best ways to fill a kids room with ambient light. Don’t know what “ambient” light is? We’ll explain so you do.

Properly Lighting a Kid’s Room – Part 2  – Learn how to properly light up a task area by selecting the proper light fixture. How to accent focal points in the room will be covered too.

How to Light Kids’ Reading Areas – Choosing the right reading lamp may be the final factor of success in encouraging your child to read. Reduce eyestrain and improve concentration with the right light.

Ideal Lighting in Baby’s Nursery – Variety of adjustable light helps parents meet needs of infants during the first year of their growth and development.

Use the information in these blog posts to help you assess the lighting in your kids’ rooms and inspire you to make any necessary changes.

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