Nov 252011
 kid friendly christmas decorationsLove the stenciled sign! Tutorial via Tatertots & Jello


Sparkly lights, sweet scent of evergreen, and holiday décor dot the house throughout December. Lavish or low-key, keeping Christmas decorations kid-friendly is a must for reducing the times you say, “don’t touch”! Take a look at these simple Christmas trimmings kids can touch then check out basic do’s and don’ts in Worry Free, Kid-Friendly Decorations for Any Holiday previously posted.

Have fun decorating this season!!

 kid friendly christmas decorationsMemories of Christmas past….get out the old photos with Santa and place where kids can see.
kid friendly christmas decorations  Hang it high! You can still use greenery if out of reach.
kid friendly christmas decorationsReplace candles with greenery sprayed to mimic a miniature Christmas tree in snow.
kid friendly christmas decorationsLet the rugs get underfoot instead of the kids.
kid friendly christmas decorationsColorful buckets full of empty Christmas boxes, stuffed ornaments, or Christmas toys will get lots of love and attention.
kid friendly christmas decorationsPlace tree in a large container to keep it from getting knocked over…..but not sure the wheels are a good idea! Tree may become a little too mobile.
 kid friendly christmas decorationsNo need to store pillows, just slipcover pillows you have with holiday fabric and store slipcovers until next year.
 kid friendly christmas decorationsQuick, easy, lightweight paper ornaments are easy to replace if crumpled by little hands. Want more permanence? Use paper covered card stock or cardboard.
kid friendly christmas decorationsSoft, stuffed ornaments are okay to touch and don’t break when dropped.
kid friendly christmas decorationsChristmas dolls and toys make wonderful kid-friendly decorations….like getting a new toy each time you unpack the decorations each season.
kid friendly christmas decorationsBooks in a basket they can read anytime. Use any container you already have, cover a box with wrapping paper, or find a special one to start a new tradition.
kid friendly christmas decorationsGift wrap kids can shake without accidentally ripping paper….



Get your “Do’s” and “Don’ts” from  Worry Free, Kid-Friendly Holiday Decorations then then check out our posts on holiday decor eye-candy for:  New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

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