Nov 092011

Shared space for two kids is pretty common….but what if you are trying to fit three kids and three beds into one room? It can be a design dilemma and a challenge, especially if the space is small and age difference is wide. With a little careful planning and attention to detail, three kids can be satisfied and content to share a room.

bunk beds in shared bedroom for three kids

Keep the motif neutral and select something appropriate for all ages, such as floral for girls or plaid for boys. Incorporate high and low beds along the wall to save floor space.

shared kids bedroom for three kids

Storage for each sibling can be added below stacked beds. Providing openings between tightly fitted built-in beds allows for extra light, airflow, and conversation between kids.

bunk beds in shared bedroom for three kids

Even within a shared room, kids need space that is theirs alone. Creating three zones can do this: one zone for each child and one shared zone. Letting each child select bedding in their favorite color is easy with a neutral background.

bedroom ideas for shared room with three kids

Different style furniture from the same manufacturer works to separate zones but they must have one similar element (finish or shape) to tie the design together.

bedroom ideas for shared room with three kids

Create a unified look with matching furniture and bedspreads but allow for individuality with artwork and accessories.

bedroom ideas for shared room with three kids

One color on the walls unifies the design while patterned spreads or quilts provide individuality. Paint color unifies three different beds of similar style.

bedroom ideas for shared room with three boys

While this sports themed room looks great, it doesn’t allow for much individuality….unless all three love the same sport!

bedroom ideas for shared room with three kids

If the room is large enough, spread out with low platform beds. Great for smaller kids when climbing into an upper bunk is not an option.

Sharing a room doesn’t necessarily mean sharing the same needs and desires. Talk to the children separately then together to discover their preferences. Reinforce the message that the final design decisions will depend on joint approval, including yours. Making the space work for all three personalities is important and the visual impact of having their own space makes all the difference in the world.


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