Nov 292011

christmas countdown pillowDecember is almost here and as kids start asking, “how long ‘til Christmas?” you can answer their question with holiday décor for their room, family room, or kitchen. Kids love to count, so provide a countdown to Christmas calendar with a treat, activity, or small gift each day. Yes, it will boost already building excitement but….it takes the pressure off you!

Here are 15 creative countdown to Christmas ideas (had a really hard time narrowing all the great ideas down to 15) to keep kids busy and add a little holiday cheer to their room.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 1 – Baker’s twine, craft paper, and painted clothespins hold 25 little packages.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 2 – A mixture of ornaments and gifts strung across a wire frame Christmas tree.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 3 – Decorated craft paper stockings filled with little goodies hanging from holiday ribbon.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 4 – Remove a date from the clothes pin wheel….for those who just want to count and don’t need candy!

christmas countdown ideasNo. 5 – A jar a day full of sweets. Great for larger families!

christmas countdown ideasNo. 6 – Cover 25 books and read one each day. Hiding the book contents keeps them excited and wondering what’s next.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 7 – Make cards listing a different activity each day on one side and numbered on the other.

kid friendly christmas decorationsNo. 8 – Attach gift filled Kraft paper boxes to painted corrugated cardboard in a frame.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 9 – Cover matchboxes with paper, number them, and toss in a container.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 10 – String 25 ornaments across a line and add an ornament each day to a small tree.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 11 – Pin pockets holding library cards on a line. Each card could list a service to provide for the day.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 12 – Fill holiday colored food containers with sweets, ornaments, or gifts, add decorative numbers and hang with clothespins on a line strung across a window.

christmas countdown ideasNo.13 – Fill stacked display stands with 25 little numbered wrapped packages.

christmas countdown ideasNo.14 – Santa’s beard gets shorter as Christmas gets closer.

christmas countdown ideasNo. 15 – Snowman hosting pockets of treats or small ornaments for the tree.


  4 Responses to “15 Creative Countdown to Christmas Ideas”

  1. These are such fabulous ideas! I can’t wait to incorporate some of these into my family traditions! Thanks, Jeanette!

    • You’re welcome! I found so many great ideas. It was really hard to pick just 15….post would have been way too long if I had posted all of them. Let me know which one you use.

  2. Such cute ideas! With 3 little people, (currently 8, 4 and 2), the anticipation grows and grows. I’m loving the “easy” ones that even the 2 year old could help with, like “shortening” Santa’s beard (with Mommy or Daddy helping guide the scissors!), as that helps with fine motor development, too! I am grateful for you making this list and sharing!

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