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baby nursery floor ideas with carpet tile by flor

Carpet tile has become increasingly popular in kid’s rooms over the last few years. Instead of carpeting an entire room, parents are opting for laminates with an area rug to protect the floor or add style to the room. Carpet tile is now the new “area rug” of choice.

In the past, consumers have steered clear of carpet tile (also referred to as modular tile or carpet squares) due to higher price as compared to broadloom. Why the change in popularity? Consumers are beginning to see the benefits over the price tag.

Carpet tile is simply another version of broadloom carpet. Generally cut into 18” squares (rectangles, circles and special shapes are also available) and placed on the floor with other squares, the greatest difference between tile and broadloom is the backing type. Tiles are typically backed with water-repellent material vs. jute for broadloom, resulting in much more durability.

Seam visibility was also another issue consumers did not like but with new patterns and improved design, seams blend so well in some installations they are hardly noticed. If you do decide to use carpet tile, expect to identify the distinctiveness of each tile, as they are not homogeneous. The visibility of seams can depend on the pattern you use and can accentuate each tile rather than hiding tile edges, often creating the desired striking contrast.

Like broadloom, carpet tile is also available in cut pile and loop pile plus a multitude of colors, patterns and styles. For use in a kid’s room, let’s explore the benefits of using carpet tile.

Flexibility in Designcarpet tile samples
  • Use in any size space with ease
  • Cover whole room wall-to-wall or only part of the room like an area rug
  • Create your own unique look, custom size and pattern without custom price
  • Variety of sizes from 18” to 36” to 6’
  • Useful in temporary settings – if you move, pull up, stack tiles, and take with you, reconfigure at your new home
  • Quarter-turning each solid color tile changes pile direction and creates a checkerboard effect you can’t get with broadloom
Durability at Its Bestcarpet tile sample side view
  • Yarns are sealed into backing making it nearly impossible to unravel
  • Backing system created to take more abuse than normal
  • Water resistance very high – water channels around tile or on surface for easy extraction
  • Flooded tiles quickly removed, rinsed off, dried and reinstalled
  • Dimensional stability – tiles do not stretch or shrink
  • No need to rearrange furniture to cover stained or damaged areas; tiles easily replaced with new or swapped to less noticeable location
how to install carpet tileSimple, Easy Installation
  • Requires less labor than broadloom carpet
  • Do not have to hire a professional to install
  • Tile sizes make it easy to handle and very user friendly
  • Easily cut to fit around door frames
  • Great way to cover ugly floor, especially when renting
  • Adhesive is releasable, drying to touch when applied to the floor, while remaining tacky when weight is applied on top.


With all the benefits listed, it’s no wonder carpet tile has become popular in kid’s rooms! Here are a few photos with ideas to spur your creativity.

baby nursery floor ideas with carpet tile by florI can just see a baby fingering the pattern as they crawl between toys. Remove the baby furniture and the room becomes a girl’s bedroom.
boys bedroom floor ideas using carpet tileTextured tile in two shades of blue, all turned the same direction looks like one large piece of carpet.
teen bedroom floor ideas using carpet tileYes, this is carpet tile. Longer length tiles in two different widths and colors look like a large area rug.
kids playroom floor ideas with carpet tile in pattern solid mixPrinted patterns mixed with different color solid tiles create an interest for tots when playing on the floor.
kids playroom floor ideas with round carpet tileSpecially cut round tiles create a cheerful polka-dot playroom floor.
baby nursery floor ideas with carpet tile by flor  Checkerboard look provided by solid colored cut loop and looped tiles at different pile heights.


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  1. I loved your suggestion to get FLOR tiles in the nursery you designed for my son. We have moved since the original FLOR tile purchase and I was worried that the new nursery was a different shape. I was able to place the carpet tiles in a different configuration and it works great in the new nursery!! Thanks for designing a nursery that works where ever we are!!

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