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A relaxing reading area is a great place to escape from the world and spend a day buried in a book. Children begin to develop a life-long love of reading while curled up on the lap of a loved one and by providing a relaxing reading area, you will encourage them to spend time reading on their own.

There are as many different options for locating a reading area as there are floor plans, but here are a few ideas for creating a cozy nook for your family:

kids reading area with book storage and window seatWindow Seat – tailor-made and one of the coziest places to curl up with a good book.
Have a handyman build in seating and flank with bookshelves for storage.
kids reading area with book storage and window seatAlcove – create a niche in a corner of a room or a window recess with cushions, pillows,
and storage for books. Add a light to extend reading time after the sun goes down.
loft reading area for kids room ideasLoft bed – Tucked in above or hidden below, loft beds make great reading areas.
Provide extra pillows on top for propping and curtains below for privacy,
but beware, they may never come in for dinner!
kids reading area in closetCloset – remove the closet door, replace the rod with a sturdy shelf to support a child’s body,
add a safety bar and ladder for access, then throw in a cushion and a few pillows
and you have a hideaway most kids dream about.

Reader friendly settings (rooms with no TV distractions!) will encourage your kids to read more, especially if you make it comfortable. Kid-sized chairs, warm throws and soft cushions add to their comfort and relaxation. Invite them in and remember, this is the one place you don’t need to worry what they are up to when they get quiet!

Reading areas need proper light. Get ideas on reading lamps and proper lighting in How to Light Kids’ Reading Areas. Happy Reading!!


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