Dec 312014

Continuing the tradition begun after the 1st blog anniversary, it’s time again to list the most popular posts. It’s always an eye-opener, letting me know which topics you find the most interesting of those I have written.

The numbers continue to amaze me. The #1 post this year moves up from #5 (new to the list last year), more than doubling the shares. Four posts have broken into the top 25 list. (**denotes new to the list this year.)

After browsing through all 700 posts, here are the top 25:

star ceiling lights in baby nursery organizing baby nursery closet ideas for storing kids collections ideas for recycling blue jeans decorating baby nursery with artwork

1. Star Studded Kids’ Rooms  (new as #1 post)
2. Baby Nursery Décor: The Closet
3. Toys to Jewelry to Music….Storing Kids’ Collections
4. More Recycling Ideas for Kids’ Blue Jeans {Area Rugs}
5. Baby Nursery Décor: Artwork
6. Kids’ Backyard Activity Center Ideas
7. 15 Creative Countdown to Christmas Ideas
8. 10 Awesome Playhouse Accessories
9. Upholstered Rockers for Baby’s Nursery
10. Study Desk for Small Bedrooms
11. Boy’s Baseball Theme Bedroom
12. Unique Kids’ Beds….on Stilts
13. Compact, Tidy Outdoor Playhouses**
14. Essential Plastic Teen Room Furniture**
15. Unique Top Treatments for Kids’ Room Windows
16. Three Kids, Three Beds, One Room
17. Popularity of Carpet Tile in Kids’ Rooms
18. Totally Awesome Boat Beds
19. Vintage Baseball Theme Boys’ Rooms
20. How to Light Kids’ Reading Areas
21. Creative Family Photo Displays
22. Tips on Teen Room Storage
23. Awesome Two-Story Playhouses**
24. Girls’ Beach Theme Bedroom
25. Trendy Woodwork on Kids’ Room Walls**

Thank you again….for reading, sharing, commenting, and asking questions. I really appreciate you taking time to visit my blog. Looking forward to another great year!

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Dec 292014

As another year of writing about kidspaces comes to a close, I thought you might enjoy a recap of the favorite posts of the year. Looking at the titles, I am seeing a couple of themes here…, storage, and more storage seems to be the top topic of interest. Ideas for boys’ rooms are a close 2nd with themes close behind.

Want to reread (or read if missed completely), just click on the title next to the image and it will take you to the full post and all kinds of ideas. Thanks for reading and sharing the posts this year!

hook and shelf nursery storage
Baby Nursery Decor Series: Hooks + Shelves + Rods
storage ideas for kids rooms
Unique Wall-Mounted Kids’ Room Storage Solutions
girls room cabinet storage window seat
10 Awesome Window Seats…..Kids’ Room Storage Solution
baseball mural boys sports theme room
More Boys’ Baseball Themed Rooms
kids room stuffed animal storage
Soft, Cuddly Stuffed Animal Display Ideas
sports theme teen room ideas
10 Awesome Sports Theme Teen Rooms
metal locker storage for kids
Ways to Use Metal Lockers in Kids’ Rooms
dressing table in teen girls room
Teen Girl’s Room Vintage Vanities
kids cowboy theme room ideas
Boys’ Cowboy Theme Bedroom
baby nursery storage ideas
Baby Nursery Decor Series: Using Open + Closed Storage

Come back next year for more!! We will be covering more storage ideas, indoor fun, accessories, family history decor, more themes, baseball, and boys rooms. Want a specific topic covered? Let me know and I will add it to the schedule.

Dec 222014
jingle bell wreat and ribbon on door knob

No. 1 – Jingle bell wreath and ribbon door hanger.



Christmas is near. Your to-do-list is forever long but the kids are asking to decorate their rooms. What to do?

Need a few quick and easy ideas to add Christmas décor to the kids’ rooms? Found some really simple things you can do with items you may have at home that need a new purpose.

Started with 10….but found 2 more ideas and just had to include them too, so here are 12 last minute Christmas decorations your kids will love.



last minute kids room christmas ideas with chalkboard

No. 2 – Chalkboard Christmas tree….

baby nursery christmas decor ideas

No. 3 – Tin pail with greenery, red paper bell, and “candle” lights.

wall christmas tree easy last minute ideas

No. 4 – Vintage book page Christmas tree and rope with picture frame tree topper.

stack of books christmas tree idea

No. 5 – Book stack Christmas tree with lights and pinecone topper.

last minute christmas decor ideas for kids room

No. 6 – Bookcase Christmas tree with lighted star.

easy last minute christmas decor ideas

No. 7 – Recycled sweater sleeve snowman with scarf candy cane holder.

kids room last minute christmas decor ideas

No. 8 – Paper or fabric covered cone Christmas tree forest.


last minute kids room christmas decor ideas

No. 9 – Candy canes and red checked ribbon hanging on knobs.

vintage kids room christmas decor ideas

No. 10 – Odds-n-ends….bottle brush trees and music paper cone trees.

last minute kids room christmas decor ideas

No. 11 – Wire trees, pinecones, and greenery….add a few bows, toys, and stars for the kids.

last minute kids room christmas decor ideas

No. 12 – Pots, paint, pinecones, and stars = a Christmas tree forest


The ideas here will add a little sparkle to a bookcase, nightstand, dresser, or to a wall or corner of the room. A little goes a long way in creating a holiday atmosphere.

———- ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ———-

Need a few more last minute kids’ room Christmas ideas? See Kids’ Room Christmas Tree…..Last Minute Ornament Ideas, Easy Kids’ Room Christmas Ideas (Part-1) and (Part-2), and Easy Kids’ Room Holiday Decor Ideas.

Dec 182014

christmas trees and toy cars

toy volkswagon bug with christmas tree on topSpotted the vintage toy truck hauling a Christmas tree (photo above) while browsing Pinterest a few weeks ago and it immediately took me back a few generations.

To my parents and my childhood. My mother always set out a little village complete with several of these snow-flocked-bristly-trees. My dad drove an old 50’s era truck….although his was blue, it was similar to the red one in the photo.

Then my reticular activating system kicked in… know what I mean—after you notice something once, you seem to see it everywhere. I started seeing little toy cars hauling trees everywhere.

Forward one generation to my kids. With three boys, we had lots of toy cars around the house. We also experienced hauling trees tied to the car roof and have a few humorous stories to tell about looking back to see the tree laying in the road.

So, I saved a few of the toy-car-hauling-Christmas-tree photos and thought I would share. You might just have a few memories of such adventures that come to mind too. Enjoy the cars…..and the smiles they elicit!

toy cars and christmas trees

toy vw van with christmas tree on top

toy car and camper with bottle brush christmas tree

toy cars and christmas trees

vintage toy truck and christmas tree

vintage toy car hauling christmas tree

rusty toy truck carrying brush christmas tree

toy cars and christmas trees

Merry Christmas to all you miniature car collectors!


Dec 162014

Just musing a bit here as I write. Those three are a perfect trio…..the innocence of a newborn baby, the purity of white, and the celebration of Christmas.

What better reminder of the reason we celebrate can we have during baby’s first Christmas than to adorn the room of the littlest angel in the house with white decorations? If you already have a white nursery, decorating it for the holidays will be a cinch.

The best part of decorating a newborn’s nursery? You can use antiques, heirlooms, and other delicate items (as long as there aren’t toddlers in the house!) because everything will stay in place.
vintage christmas baby nursery decor

baby nursery white christmas decor ideas

(Above) White cloth bags filled with tiny gifts for Christmas countdown and tied with twine hang from a ladder, watched over by a soft, stuffed bear. Be sure to add a tree or other greenery to add warmth to the room.

(Right) Sweet vintage baby shoes and a few sprigs of greenery look adorable hanging from knobs on a wardrobe or armoire cabinet.

(Below) White yarn and fabric covered “Christmas tree” cones, a tiny green wreath hanging on baby’s blessing gown, and sprigs of greenery intertwined with nursery accessories add a soft touch of Christmas to a dresser top.


quick and easy baby nursery christmas decor

antique toy horses for baby nursery white christmas

(Above) Antique toy horses paired with a mistletoe branch and holiday candle add a little spark of Christmas light to a shelf of accessories. Adorable.

(Below) A vintage mantle and door serve as a classic  backdrop for a Christmas tree adorned with white bows, stockings, birds, and butterflies. The bear and baby shoes on the mantle leave a delightful impression of sweetness.

white christmas decor ideas for baby nursery

christmas decor in vintage white baby nursery

(Above) For a few weeks, replace heirloom baby clothing usually hanging on hooks. Instead, hang silver hearts with white satin ribbon, heart shaped greenery and miniature metal houses from a vintage wire hanger. Flank with evergreen branches in clear glass bowls of water. Heavenly scent.

(Below) Surround a white vintage-look rocker with soft, plush animals and hang a star mobile for added effect. The expressions on these sweet animals are reminiscent of the first Christmas scene. White paper chain adds a timeless touch.

baby nursery white christmas

Baby. White. Christmas. They are the epitome of innocence, purity, and perfection and when a white baby’s nursery is decorated for Christmas, you create a dreamy room full of holiday magic…..and a special reminder of the reason for the season.


Dec 132014

beach blue christmas kids room decorations

The third post of the Kids’ Room Christmas Ideas Series uses a THEME to create holiday magic that feels like a vacation getaway at the beach using driftwood, starfish, and the color blue.

Of course a beach theme, especially when using blue, works best if the backdrop is in neutrals—white, beige, or gray—making it easy to change the room’s atmosphere from “anywhere else” to seaside surf.

If you have mementos from your last trip to the beach, now is the time to dig them out and use as holiday décor. Here are a few ideas:

(Above) Already have wicker furniture and beadboard walls? Prop a few pieces of Christmas tree art embellished with real starfish as a tree topper. Surround the tree with shells to complete the corner.

(Below) Create a unique Christmas tree roping driftwood branches to a trunk, topping with a starfish, adorning with jewelry for ornaments, and set in a blue bowl full of tiny seashells. Sea glass and shells encircling the tree complete the beach theme décor.

driftwood christmas tree for teen jewelry

beach theme christmas stockings for kids

(Above) Hanging burlap and linen stockings sporting your favorite coastal design like coral, a sea horse, starfish, or sand dollar. The stockings shown have small mother-of-pearl shell pieces as trim. Sweet seaside!

(Below) Why not place a real starfish atop your Christmas tree? Lights, tiny shells, sheer ribbon, and a star frame covered with fishnet under two starfish….totally creative beachside Christmas tree topper! (You can find this one on Etsy by clicking the image to reach the seller’s shop.)

starfish christmas tree topper

kids room christmas ideas beach blue theme driftwood christmas tree wall art


(Above Left) Tiny packages wrapped in blue, tied with raffia or jute, and trimmed with a starfish can be grouped in clusters and placed around the room. Add a few shells and driftwood to enhance the décor.

(Above Right) White beadboard with burnished blue edges and rope for hanging provide a simple backdrop for a driftwood tree adorned with treasures from a walk on the beach.

(Below) Plush pillows in seaside patterns and soft beachy blue hues invite one to relax and feel the magic of Christmas at the same time. A perfect “no stress” zone for mom while reading Christmas stories to the kids at bedtime.

beach blue kids room christmas ideas

Beach theme and blue Christmas all in one. See you can have a seaside vacation and Christmas at the same time!

———- ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ———-

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Dec 102014

teen room shabby chic christmas”I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know…”

You hear it over and over during the holidays. A white Christmas is something many kids dream of having. They are usually thinking of snow outside but who says you can’t have a white Christmas inside?

This second post of the Kids’ Room Christmas Ideas Series takes room STYLE like a vintage or shabby chic kids’ room and creates a quick holiday transformation using greenery, white lights, and fabric Here’s how….

(Left) Soft stockings hanging at the foot of the bed are flanked by greenery flocked with “snow”. White tree with white lights? Yep.

(Below) Make the most with miniatures by using a small tabletop Christmas tree, tiny white lights, and a burlap wrapped base. A little says a lot.

kids room christmas shabby chic white

stacked vintage suitcases painted white christmas headboard shabby chic style

(Above Left) Vintage suitcases painted white are adorned with mini-lights, an evergreen in a bucket, and a soft stuffed fabric pillow…..just enough décor for a sweet little corner of the room.

(Above Right) A greenery wrapped wire star hangs on a vintage door serving as a headboard and pillows with Christmas messages add a festive feel to the room. Add tiny little LED lights….or no? You decide.

(Below) The rich, fullness of the evergreen wreath combined with simple white stockings on a tree shaped stand add a touch of Christmas to this charming shabby chic room.

shabby chic white teen bedroom christmas

teen room christmas chabby chic style

(Above) Star shaped lights adorn the Christmas tree set in a corner, surrounded by a green wreath on the floor and soft fabric stuffed in the tree base. Simple yet magical.

(Below) Corner Christmas tree with white lights and greenery draped across the bed curtain plus sweet fabric stockings on wall pegs……that’s an easy way to blend Christmas and vintage design that leaves lasting holiday memories.

shabby chic girls room christmas decor

How’s that for a painless holiday room transformation? One more to go…..Next up? THEME.

———- ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ———-

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Dec 042014

red christmas decorations kids room

The first post of the Kids’ Room Christmas Idea Series covers easy ways to use COLOR to quickly create holiday charm. Traditional red is my favorite…and jolliest Christmas color!

The best part of using red? It only takes a little to make a big statement. Pops of red spread around the room or concentrated in one area can create instant Christmas décor.

Here are a few effortless places to add red:

  • Small floor rugs, pillows, and bedding
  • Nightstands and side chairs
  • Window decorations
  • Small Christmas tree with red ornaments
  • Wrapped gifts embellished with red ribbon, trim, and ornaments

In the photo above, something as simple as red stocking garland hanging on the footboard and a red checked ribbon on the rocking horse adds just enough splash of jolly red to turn this girls bedroom into a festive room full of holiday magic.

Here are a few more ideas to bring Christmas cheer to your kids’ rooms.

winter wall mural in kids red christmas room

Christmas plaid, stripe, and snowflake patterns dot the room in both fabric and wrapping paper for an easy holiday room transformation. Love how the red furniture breaks up a cold winter wall mural adding warmth to the room.

red christmas decor kids room ideas

Fill a crate with wrapped gifts sporting red ribbon, trim, and ornaments as well as patterned fabric or paper wrapping. Adds a bit of Christmas magic when set in an out-of-the-way corner.

kids room christmas in red

A tall, skinny Christmas tree laden with red ornaments in various patterns adds a splash of jolly red to any age kid’s room. Since red is so vibrant, a little goes a long way.

red stocking and chair kids room christmas ideas

Take a hint from the Shakers and hang a red chair and Christmas stocking from hooks on the wall. Keeps décor off the floor and protected from little hands if needed.

girls bunkbed christmas room in red

The simple addition of red bedding, pillows, and a wintery rug are a quick start…..but add garland, lights and red bows over the window and you have instant Christmas. Nice touch!

Painless holiday transformation is what I promised. Did I succeed? Leave your comments and any ideas you have too!

———- ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ———-

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